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Meet The Epoxy Dude

Hey there, I'm Brian Phillips, aka The Epoxy Dude!

I have a number of years of experience specializing in the custom design and installation of both commercial and residential floors using the latest, most advanced materials to create head-turning, resinous floor coatings, metallic and flake systems, plus concrete stains and sealers. My creative expertise and designer flooring know-how will transform your floors from old and outdated, to spectacular and a standout before you know it.

I'm a hard-working, proud one-man show, so when you contact me for more information, and to get a quote, you'll be talking to not only the owner but also the salesman, the creative director (with your input, of course), the installer and last but not least...drumroll please...the cleanup guy!


The bottom line is it's all on me so I take extra special care to ensure that every detail of your project is on point, no one is slacking on the job, and you'll have unparalleled input without having to endure endless calls, emails and/or texts with an army of staff.


Additionally, I take pride that my business is 90% referral-based and if I take care of my clients, they'll take care of me. I always joke with people who say “you can do it all” which is very flattering but in truth as I say, I’m a jack-of-all trades and a master of none (well, sometimes...more often than not I feel I'm better than a master of none” LOL).

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and am blessed with a beautiful family. My wonderful wife and teenage son are my pride and joy, and we enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors as much as possible.

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